CS 495/595 - Web Server Design
creator: Michael L. Nelson
title: CS 495/595 - Web Server Design
date: Spring 2012
description: This class will focus on the complete understanding of the hypertext transfer protocol (http) and the implementation of a web server. The class will be programming intensive: prerequisites include the understanding of network (socket) programming. The student will implement an http server, with 5 well defined demonstrations of protocol conformance (assignments) during the class. The assignments will build on the previous assignments, and at the end of the class the student should have a fully functioning web server that implements most of the common http functionality. The students will decide their own implementation language / environment; the lectures will be strictly about http and not about any particular programming language. There will be no class textbook; class lectures and RFCs will be the primary guide for students. Grades will be determine solely on the design and performance of the http servers.
identifier: CRNs 35757, 35758
CS 495/595 - Web Server Design