CS 695 - Introduction to Digital Libraries
creator: Michael L. Nelson
title: CS 695 - Introduction to Digital Libraries
description: Digital Libraries (DLs) encompass more than traditional information retrieval or database methods and techniques. DLs are used as a general term to cover all forms of web sites with rich services that target a core community. "Community" is the key word -- DLs exist to serve a particular interest or function, and their operation can only be fully understood in this context. We will cover a brief history of DL development, techniques, protocols, tools and approaches. Case studies will be performed on various DLs. The class will focus heavily on project work, especially developing a digital library with a suite of common tools and emerging standards. At the end of the course, students will be prepared to develop, evaluate, or apply digital library technologies in their work or research environment.
semester: Fall 2005
CS 695 - Introduction to Digital Libraries