CS 791/891 - Technologies of Google Seminar
creator: Michael L. Nelson
title: CS 791/891 - Technologies of Google Seminar
date: Spring 2007
location: ECS Building, Room 2120
description: This seminar will focus on Google and the technologies they have created or adopted to build their enterprise into what it is today. Although many of the technologies we will study are applicable to all search engines applications, we will focus on a breadth-first discussion of Google's technologies rather than a depth-first examination of a single research area. We will cover 3 basic areas: (1) initial contributions to crawling and ranking; (2) information retrieval applications; (3) custom infrastructure for deploying web-scale applications. Class participation will be 100% of the grade and attendance to every class is required unless prior arrangements have been made. Each student will be placed in a group an assigned 2 papers to present and discuss before the class.
identifier: CRNs 29535, 29536
CS 791/891 - Technologies of Google Seminar