CS 791/891 - Economics of Information
creator: Michael L. Nelson
title: CS 791/891 - Economics of Information
date: Spring 2006
location: ECS Building, Room 2120
description: This seminar will cover high-level, strategic topics such as: information economy, standards, pricing & versioning, lock-in, feedback networks, switching costs, and tipping points. All of these factors influence the decisions we make every day: Which environment to develop in? Which file formats to store and transmit? Which protocols to support? What machines to buy? In this seminar, we'll examine these issues with the goal of providing enough understanding of economic principles to recognize the interaction between our local environment and the larger community. The class text book will Information Rules by noted economists Carl Shapiro and Hal Varian. It is a thoughtful but readable text that does not require extensive understanding of economics. Depending on the number of people in the class, we might supplement this text with online readings. Students will be assigned a chapter to read, present and discuss in front of the class. Class participation will be 100% of the grade.
identifier: CRNs 21623, 21624
CS 791/891 - Economics of Information