CS 312 - Internet Concepts
Fall 2008: Tues/Thurs 1:30-2:45pm, Kaufman 0100

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Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-2:45pm, Kaufman 0100, Fall 2008

Mon, Dec 1 @ 4:44pm - Project 5 Hint
For Map 1 (where you load addresses from an XML file and place them on the map), there's a bit of a trick in getting the information in the marker's info window to be displayed correctly when you click on the marker.

Instead of using the getLatLng() function for the Geocoder, you should use the getLocations() function. Google returns more information about the location with this function than with getLatLng().

Reference: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/services.html#Geocoding_Structured

Example: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/examples/geocoding-extraction.html

Use 'view source' to see the code. Note especially the addAddressToMap function, but make sure that you use bindInfoWindowHtml() instead of openInfoWindowHtml().

This issue doesn't come up in Map 2 because you aren't trying to display lots of addresses back-to-back (there's a delay while the user types in a new address).

Sat, Nov 29 @ 1:42pm - Final Exam Study Guide
The Final Exam study guide has been posted (under Dec 4 lecture).

Sun, Oct 12 @ 5:22pm - Midterm Exam Grades Posted
Grades are now posted Blackboard.

Mon, Sep 29 @ 10:38am - Midterm Study Guide
If you printed a copy of the midterm study guide this weekend (before Mon morning @ 10:38am), I've just added a section on Securing the Web, just under the HTTP section.

Fri, Sep 26 @ 5:38pm - Project 2
Remember that Project 2 was assigned on Thursday and is due Tuesday, Sep 30.

Fri, Sep 26 @ 5:37pm - Midterm Study Guide Posted
You can find the midterm study guide on the schedule under reading due Oct 2.

Sun, Sep 21 @ 3:15pm - Homework 1 Grades Posted
Grades have posted on Blackboard for Homework 1. I will hand back the assignments and we will discuss the solutions in class on Tuesday.

Thu, Sep 18 @ 7:40pm - Homework 2, Problem 2
You do not need to use dig to complete this problem. Instead, use the same method that we discussed in class (see the www.cnn.com and www2.cnn.com examples).

Thu, Sep 18 @ 3:00pm - Lecture Notes for Today
The link for today's lecture notes should be working now for everyone.

Thu, Sep 11 @ 12:32pm - Homework 2
Homework 2 is assigned today (linked on the course schedule) and is due Tues, Sep 23.

Wed, Sep 10 @ 2:54pm - Out of Town Sep 15-17
I will be out-of-town from Sep 15-17, so no class on Tues, Sep 16 and no office hours on Mon, Sep 15 or Wed, Sep 17.

Wed, Sep 10 @ 11:05am - Project 1 Grades Posted

  • -10 for not password protecting edit function
  • -10 for not password protecting source function
  • -30 for incorrect permissions (couldn't view site)
  • -5 for incorrect URL given on submit page

Wed, Sep 03 @ 2:20pm - Homework 1 Change
Omit question 8 from your Homework 1.

Tue, Sep 02 @ 8:25pm - Accessing CS Unix from Home

  • See the Opening X-Windows Remotely page for links to putty (used to securely login to the Unix server) and Xming (a free tool for displaying windows from the Unix server).
  • Once you have these setup, you'll want to connect to the 'fast.cs.odu.edu' server.

Tue, Sep 02 @ 8:14pm - Project 1 FAQ

  • Sometimes when I click 'edit' it asks for my password, and sometimes it doesn't. What's up?
    PmWiki stores cookies when you enter your password. So, sometimes when you choose 'edit' it will ask for your password. If your session is still active, the next time you choose 'edit', it won't ask for your password. To test this, you can logout (put &action=logout in the URL) and then try to edit again.
  • Is password protecting the source action done the same way as protecting the edit and admin actions?
    No, it's a little different. For password protecting the &action=source operation, take a look at the PasswordsAdmin page in the PmWiki documentation.
  • How can I avoid all of the permissions problems once I have pmwiki.php running?
    To fix most of the permissions problems, you can run chmod -R 755 ~/public_html/pmwiki/ to make all of the files and folders under the pmwiki directory world readable and executable.
  • I'm getting a "main(local/config.php): failed to open stream" error at the top of my PmWiki page. What do I do?
    This means that the webserver can't read the specified file (local/config.php). You'll need to set permissions so that the directory is world readable and executable and that the file is world readable.
  • How do I load the pmwiki.php page in my web browser?
    Your public_html directory is the starting place for your webspace. So, typing http://www.cs.odu.edu/~username/ will try to load ~/public_html/index.html. If that file isn't there, it will show you the contents of ~/public_html/.
  • I'm getting permission denied errors on 'config.php'. What do I do?
    'Permission denied' means that you'll need to make the file readable and executable (use chmod 755 config.php)

Fri, Aug 29 @ 8:11am - Project 1 Submission Page
The Project 1 submission page? is now working. Those of you who have already submitted your URL by email don't need to do anything. Everyone else, please use the submission page to submit your assignment.

Thurs, Aug 28 @ 8:34pm - Project 1

  • The Project 1 assignment is linked from the class schedule.
  • If you get permission denied errors on 'config.php', it means that you'll need to make it executable (use chmod 755 config.php)
  • The Project 1 submission page is currently down. For now, please email your name and URL to Dr. Weigle with the subject line: CS 312 Proj 1

Thurs, Aug 28 @ 4:40pm - CS Systems Info
I've posted the following under Useful Links:

Mon, Jul 14 @ 11:30am - Welcome!
Welcome to the CS 312 webpage. Please look around and email me if you have any questions.