CS 312 - Internet Concepts
Fall 2008: Tues/Thurs 1:30-2:45pm, Kaufman 0100

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  • This schedule is subject to change and will be updated throughout the semester with lecture topics and links to assignments.
  • Many of the slides are courtesy/copyright Kurose/Ross and Stewart Shen with edits courtesy/copyright Michele Weigle. Please contact Michele Weigle (mweigle at cs.odu.edu) before re-distributing.
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Next Lecture

Date Topic Reading for this class meeting Assignment / Due Other
Aug 26 Administrivia Δ

Whirlwind Intro to the Internet - part a Δ
(slides 1-29)

Aug 28 Whirlwind Intro - part a
Whirlwind Intro - part b Δ
(slides 1-13)
  Project 1 assigned  
Sep 2 Whirlwind Intro - part b   Homework 1 assigned  
Sep 4 Client-Server Computing Δ
(slides 1-28)
  Project 1 due  
Sep 9 HTTP
(slides 29-35)
Securing the Web Δ
  Homework 1 due  
Sep 11 FTP and Email (SMTP) Δ
  Homework 2 assigned  
Sep 16 No Class
Weigle out-of-town (ACM Mobicom)
Sep 18 Communication Over the Internet Δ      
Sep 23 Discuss Homework 1
Transmission/Propagation Delay Review
  Homework 2 due  
Sep 25 Web Miscellany Δ (Multimedia, Google Docs, Blogs, Wikis, PmWiki)   Project 2/Homework 3 assigned Last day to drop (Sep 29)
Sep 30 Discuss Homework 2
Basic HTML Δ
(slides 1-18)
HTML Examples Project 2 due  
Oct 2 Review for Mid-Term Midterm Study Guide    
Oct 7 Mid-Term Exam      
Oct 9 Basic HTML
(slides 19-31)
Tables and Frames Δ
HTML Examples    
Oct 14 No Class
Fall Break
Oct 16 Discuss Mid-Term
Color Codes, Image Maps Δ
HTML Examples Project 3 assigned  
Oct 21 Forms and CGI Δ HTML Examples    
Oct 23 CSS Δ CSS Examples Project 3 due  
Oct 28 CSS Layouts and Creating Skins in PmWiki Δ   Project 4 assigned  
Oct 30 Javascript Δ Javascript Examples    
Nov 4 No Class
Election Day (CS 312 only)
    Last day to 'W'
Nov 6 XML Δ XML Examples Project 4 due  
Nov 11 Internet Search and Webpage Access Δ   Homework 4 assigned  
Nov 13 PHP and AJAX Δ PHP/AJAX Examples    
Nov 18 AJAX Examples and Google Maps API Δ Google Maps Examples Homework 4 due
Project 5 assigned
Nov 20 File Sharing and P2P Δ      
Nov 25 No Class
Pre-Thanksgiving Break
Nov 27 No Class
Official Thanksgiving Break
Dec 2 No Class
Work on Project 5 and Homework 3
Dec 4 Review for Final Final Exam Study Guide Project 5 due
Homework 3 due