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CS312-F09: Announcements

Tues/Thurs 11am-12:15pm, MGB 0129, Fall 2009

Textbook: CS 312 Internet Concepts (special edition textbook)

Thu, Dec 3 @ 4:36pm - Project 8 FAQ

It's likely that you used forms[0] in your JavaScript to access the data in your contact info form. If you added the directions form above the contact info form, the directions form info will be forms[0] and your contact info form will be forms[1].

Mon, Nov 30 @ 3:09pm - Project 7 FAQ

Just take what you get from the PHP script (in xmlhttp.reponseText) and insert it into the proper spot in your HTML document. Any HTML formatting code you need should be sent back (echo'ed) by the PHP script.
You do not need to worry about formatting (line breaks, etc.) the comments part of the user's comments in your contact-info.txt file. Just make sure that the date, name, and email are formatted so that things are readable. Then, just insert the comments and let the browser window format them (likely by adding scrollbars).

Fri, Nov 20 @ 8:57pm - Final Exam Study Guide
The Final Exam study guide is now available.

Tue, Nov 17 @ 1:40pm - Proj 5 Grades Posted
See grades and comments on Blackboard.

Tue, Nov 17 @ 12:56pm - Thursday is lab day
We were able to cover all of PHP and Ajax in class today, so we'll be in the lab as scheduled on Thursday.

Tue, Nov 17 @ 8:33am - Project 6 due Weds before midnight

Wed, Nov 11 @ 7:31pm - Classes Canceled Tomorrow
The university has canceled all classes for Thursday, Nov 12.

If needed, we will make up the lecture by replacing one of the lab days. I'll keep the schedule updated.

Wed, Nov 11 @ 2:42pm - Correction on XML Slide
On slide 42 of the XML lecture, replace the line starting with txt with the following line (changed name to common):

 txt = "Name: " + common + "(<em>" + botanical + "<em>)<br />Zone: " + zone +

Fri, Nov 6 @ 9:34am - Corrected CGI Slides
I've posted corrected slides for the CGI lecture on the schedule under Oct 27. The corrections were related to putting quotation marks around any number values in the form attributes, using selected="selected" instead of just selected for list boxes, and using checked="checked" instead of just checked for check boxes and radio buttons.

The following slides were edited: 4, 11, 18-22, 24-25

Thu, Nov 5 @ 8:12pm - Yahoo IM ID
My Yahoo IM id is mcweigle. If I'm online with Yahoo IM that means that I'm available for answering questions, so feel free to start a chat.

Thu, Nov 5 @ 12:21pm - Project 5 Hints/Clarification
The form that you create is not exactly a CGI form. It's a form that will call a JavaScript function when the button labeled 'Submit' is clicked.

Fri, Oct 30 @ 4:03pm - Gallery of Disco Logos
I thought there were some really great logos for Dan's Disco Discs, so I wanted to show them off. Enjoy this gallery of disco logos.

Fri, Oct 30 @ 3:50pm - Project 4 Graded
Updated grades and comments are on Blackboard.

Thu, Oct 29 @ 2:30pm - Validation and Quotes
Any attribute value inside an XHTML tag must be in quotation marks for validation to pass. If you've gotten a validation error mentioning "SHORTTAG", it probably means that you have a value that isn't in quotes.

Related to this, there's an omission in the notes (CGI lecture, slide 11):
<input type="text" name="user" value="Donald Smith" size=30 />
should be
<input type="text" name="user" value="Donald Smith" size="30" />

Thu, Oct 29 @ 12:08pm - Schedule Change
Check the schedule for upcoming lectures, assignments, and lab days as I've changed things. We'll end up having 2 lab days for each of the Ajax and Google Maps projects.

Thu, Oct 29 @ 11:15am - Project 5 Clarification
Under the contact page requirements:

Tue, Oct 27 @ 4:33am - Project 4 due at midnight
I'm extending the deadline for Project 4 until midnight tonight.

Sat, Oct 24 @ 8:16pm - Project 3 Grades Posted
Project 3 grades and comments have been posted on Blackboard. Use these comments to correct errors before you submit Project 4.

Mon, Oct 19 @ 5:32pm - Project 3 Notes
Here are a couple things to check before you submit Project 3:

Mon, Oct 19 @ 8:30am - Office Hours Canceled Today
I have to stay home today with a sick baby, so office hours today are canceled. I will be available through email (and Skype if necessary) if you need to contact me.

Thu, Oct 8 @ 4:47pm - Blackboard Grades Updated
I've posted grades for Homework 3, Midterm, and updated Current Averages on Blackboard. Note that I was previously counting Homeworks a larger percentage than I should have. Things have been corrected so that your current average is accurate. Remember that projects (of which there are still 7 left to complete) count 40% of your grade.

Mon, Sep 28 @ 2:29pm - Mid-Term Study Guide Posted
The mid-term study guide has been posted on the schedule under Oct 1. Look over it and ask any questions you have in class on Thursday.

Tue, Sep 22 @ 2:01pm - Grades Posted
Grades for Homework 1 and your current average are posted on Blackboard.

Tue, Sep 15 @ 2:03pm - Homework 2 Posted
I've posted a link to Homework 2 on the course schedule page.

Fri, Sep 11 @ 2:42pm - Project 1 Grades
Project 1 grades have been posted on Blackboard. If you met all of the requirements (2 posts, links, picture) you got 100. There was a penalty of 20 points for each missing requirement.

Thu, Aug 13 @ 10:17am - Textbook
The textbook for the course can only be found at the ODU bookstore. If you are taking or plan to take CS 455 in the future, you may just want to get a copy of Kurose/Ross Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach since that's what we use in CS 455. The special edition for CS 312 is just the first 2 chapters of that book.

Mon, Aug 10 @ 10:57am - Syllabus Posted
The syllabus for the course has been posted. See the side bar and/or the schedule page.

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