From CS 312 Fall 2010

CS312-F10: Homework 1: Internet Applications

Assigned: Thursday, Sept 2, 2010
Due: Thursday, Sept 9, 2010 before class

Some of the most well-known Internet applications were created by and for college students. These applications became popular because they filled a need and allowed people to do things they probably never even knew they wanted to do (e.g. Facebook).

Your assignment is to think about how you use the Internet, what applications you like to use on the Internet, and what things you'd like to be able to do on the Internet. Talk to your friends about an application they would like to use.

Write up a one-page description of a new Internet application that fills a need. Describe what task you wanted to do that inspired this application, how the application would work, who would be the target users of the application, and how many users would need to use the site to make it useful (i.e., would it be useful if just a handful of people signed up, or would you need thousands/millions). You may include a mock-up of what your site might look like.

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