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Wed, Dec 15 @ 6:48am - Grades Posted

Pre-final exam grades are posted on Blackboard. This includes Project 7, bonus points for completing the evaluation and group partner review, and an adjustment of Project 1 grades based on your semester's worth of posting.

Mon, Dec 6 @ 2:45pm - Final Exam Study Guide

I've posted the Final Exam Study Guide. The exam will be comprehensive, so don't forget to review the Midterm Study Guide as well. Bring any questions with you to class on Thursday (back in Spong).

Fri, Dec 3 @ 2:16pm - No Office Hours Tuesday

I will be out-of-town during regular office hours on Tues, Dec 7. I will be holding office hours on Monday (2-3pm) and Thursday (2-3pm).

We will still have lab on Tuesday morning and will be continuing to work on the Ajax/PHP lab exercises from Thursday. If you have completed those exercises, you are not required to attend the lab.

Wed, Dec 1 @ 1:25pm - Blackboard Survey

I've created a supplemental survey for CS 312 on Blackboard. It will be available for completion until Dec 9 before 11:55pm. You can view it under 'Assignments'. The answers are anonymous. I can tell who has submitted a survey, but I can't match answers to individuals. If you complete the survey before the deadline, I will add a 3 extra credit points to your written homework average. Note, this is a supplement to ODU's regular course evaluations, so please complete that one as well.

Tue, Nov 30 @ 1:38pm - Grades Posted

Grades posted for Proj 5 on Blackboard. Project average and current average updated.

Wed, Nov 17 @ 10:29am - Office Hour Change

Office hours on Mon, Nov 22 will be 12:30-1:30pm

Mon, Nov 15 @ 10:57am - Grades Posted

I've posted grades for Proj 3 and Proj 4. If you got less than 100, look for an email explanation coming soon.

Tue, Nov 9 @ 11:39am - Reminders

Mon, Nov 8 @ 1:15pm - New Link Added

Under Useful Links, I've added a link to Google's Web Performance Best Practices.

Thu, Nov 4 @ 6:12am - Reminders

Thu, Oct 21 @ 11:46am - Schedule Reminders

Thu, Oct 7 @ 8:23pm - Hmwk4 due date

I've changed the Hmwk4 due date from October 28 to October 26.

Thu, Oct 7 @ 8:01pm - Mid-Term Exam

The votes are in! The mid-term will be held on Thurs, Oct 21. Check the schedule in a little bit for an updated schedule for the rest of the semester.

Thu, Oct 7 @ 2:36pm - Hmwk 4 and Fall Break

Hmwk4 has been assigned. It is due Oct 28. Remember that Hmwk3 is due on Oct 14 (after we get back from Fall Break). Note that I will not be holding office hours during Fall Break.

Mon, Oct 4 @ 12:32pm - Mid-Term Exam Date

Since the final drop (with W) date isn't until Nov 9, we have some flexibility on the date of the mid-term exam. No matter when the exam is given, it will cover topics from the beginning of the semester through DNS. Homework 3 will be assigned on Tue Oct 5 and due Thur Oct 14 (after Fall Break). With the original exam date of Oct 19, there would not have been enough time to grade and return Homework 3 before the exam. But, we can postpone the exam to either Thur Oct 21 or Tue Oct 26. Please visit to vote for your preferred exam date. Voting ends at 5pm this Thursday.

Tue, Sep 30 @ 12:05pm - Office Hours

Starting next week, my new office hours will be M 2-3pm, T 3-4pm, and R 2-3pm. As always, if you cannot make these office hours, please email me for an appointment at another time.

Tue, Sep 16 @ 6:50am - Next Week

I will be attending a conference next week, so we will have no class (Sep 21 and 23) and no office hours. I will post lecture notes for the following week (Sep 28 and 30) by this Friday.

Tue, Sep 16 @ 6:45am - Homework 2

Hmwk2 has been assigned (see Sched) and is due Sep 30 before class. These are written questions related to the lecture topics we've covered since the beginning of the semester and are similar to what you will see on exams. You may submit this assignment either through Blackboard before class begins or as a hard-copy before class begins.

Mon, Sep 13 @ 2:30pm - Project 1 Submission

Use the Project 1 submission page for submitting your Blog URL, not Blackboard.

Tue, Sep 7 @ 12:37pm - Whirlwind part b

We may get to the topics related to the 2nd part of the Whirlwind Internet Intro, so I've posted part b of the slides on the schedule.

Tue, Sep 7 @ 12:31pm - Project 1 Assigned

Proj1 has been assigned and is due next Tuesday (Sep 14).

Tue, Sep 7 @ 8:57am - Hmwk 1 Submission

Use Blackboard to submit Hmwk1.

Wed, Sep 1 @ 2:51pm - Mailing List

Please sign up for the class mailing list. Use whatever email address you will actually check every day.

Thu, Aug 26 @ 3:45pm - Welcome to CS 312!

Your main resource for information about CS 312 is the course website. The syllabus and lecture notes for the first day of class are already posted. Lecture notes can be found on the Schedule page.

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