CS 312 - Internet Concepts
Fall 2010: Tues/Thurs 9:30-10:45am, Spong 108

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Useful Links

Project 1 Submission

Project 1 Instructions

  • Make sure that the URL works before you submit it.
  • You must include http:// as part of your URL.
  • Pressing the submit button will add a link to your blog to the Student Blog page and display the page. Your newly-added entry should appear at the top.
  • Only submit your URL once!

To submit, provide your name and the URL of your blog. (:fox cbox put=top target=Blog-student template=FoxTemplate redirect=Blog-student:) (:foxcheck name msg="Name left blank":) (:foxcheck url match='http://*' msg="Invalid URL - does not start with http://":) Name:
Blog URL:

(:foxend cbox:)