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Fall 2010: Tues/Thurs 9:30-10:45am, Spong 108

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Project 3: Setup Group Project Wiki

Assigned: Thursday, Oct 28, 2010
Due: Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010 before midnight
Group Assignment - You are permitted to work with your project group partner.

The goal of this assignment is to setup a wiki for your group projects. The assignment will walk you through setting up a Google Sites wiki, but if you are familiar with and have access to other wiki software, you may use that instead.


Sign up for a free wiki using Google Sites. Throughout semester, update the wiki with links to your assignment instructions and helpful webpages you've found. The site should be private, so that only the group members can edit and view the wiki.

We're using Google Sites because it's much easier to get setup than something like MediaWiki (what Wikipedia uses).


A single group member should complete the "Setup Wiki" and "Add User" steps.

Setup Wiki

  • Sign in to Google Sites.
  • Create a new site.
  • Choose the "Project Wiki" template, name your site, and make a note of the URL of your site.
  • Make any theme changes you'd like.
  • Under more options, choose "only people I specify can view this site"

Once the site has been created, you'll see a sample page like this

Add Users

  • Under the "More Actions" button at the top right of the page, choose "Manage site".
  • Choose "Sharing"
  • Invite your fellow group members to the site as collaborators.
  • Invite your professor to the site as a viewer. Use my mweigle1odu at gmail address.
  • Double-check that the "Anyone in the world may view this site" option is not checked.

Once all group members have been added, you should collaborate to complete the following customization steps:

Wiki Customization

  • Edit "The Team" page to reflect your project team members.
  • Edit the "Benchmark Dates" page and import the CS312-F10 Google calendar containing project deadlines. The calendar URL is http://bit.ly/cs312-f10-gcal
  • You can add and delete pages as you wish, but I would encourage you to use the "To-Dos" section for keeping track of group tasks and the "Files" section for sharing files.


  • You may want to create a section/page for each of the upcoming assignments:
    • Proj 4 - CSS
    • Proj 5 - CGI forms and JavaScript
    • Proj 6 - XML/CGI
    • Proj 7 - Ajax
  • To receive full credit, your wiki should look and feel different than the out-of-the-box template.
  • As with the blog assignment, I will be checking back at the end of the semester to see how much you've used and customized your wiki.


Go to the Project 3 Submission page, and enter the name of each group member and the URL of your wiki.

  • Make sure that the URL works before you submit it.
  • Pressing the submit button will add a link to your wiki to the Group Wikis page along with a timestamp of your submission. Note that you will not be directed to the list of wikis, but to a page that says your submission was successful.
  • Only submit your URL once!