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CS312-F10: Project 4 - Styling HTML with CSS

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Assigned: Thursday, October 28, 2010
Due: Thursday, November 9, 2010 before midnight
Group Assignment - You are permitted to work with your project group partner.

The goal of this assignment is to create a CSS layout and styling for a set of HTML pages.


Create a set of webpages (at least 3 pages including index.html) that use the layout and styling described in a CSS file that you create.

Be creative with the content of your webpages. For instance, you could have a webpage for each class that you're taking, each of your favorite sports teams, each of your hobbies, each of your pets, etc. The goal is to demonstrate the flexibility of CSS in creating multiple webpages with similar layouts and styles.

Setting Up

  1. Create an HTML file named index.html under ~/public_html/cs312
    • touch ~/public_html/cs312/index.html
    • chmod 644 ~/public_html/cs312/index.html
    • This file can remain blank. It prevents people from being able to browse your cs312 directory without knowing the exact URLs.
  2. Create a new directory under ~/public_html/cs312/ for this project
    • chmod 755 ~/public_html/cs312/new directory name
  3. Create a CSS file in the new directory
  4. Create an HTML file named index.html in the new directory
    • chmod 644 all files that you place in the new directory




Go to the Project 4 Submission page, and enter the name of each group member and the URL of your home page (must start with

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