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CS312-F10: Project 5 - CGI Forms and JavaScript

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Assigned: Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Due: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 before midnight
Group Assignment - You are permitted to work with your project group partner.

The goal of this assignment is to start working towards the final project (Project 7), a webpage that provides searchable access to a personal media collection (CDs, MP3s, DVDs, etc.).

Setting Up

  1. Create a new directory under ~/public_html/cs312/ for this project
    • chmod 755 ~/public_html/cs312/new directory name
  2. Create three files in the new directory, an HTML file, a CSS file, and a JavaScript file.
  3. Make sure that the directory and file permissions allow anyone to view the files.


The next few projects will build upon each other to produce a webpage that provides searchable access to a personal media collection. The type of media (CDs, MP3s, DVDs) is up to you and your project partner. The website should be tailored to the type of media you will be storing, so you should make that decision now.

In this assignment, you will:

CSS Layout

Be creative with your CSS layout and stylings. Feel free to use other sites as inspiration. If you do so, you must give credit to those websites with a link. (For example, "Design inspired by and")

CGI Form




Go to the Project 5 Submission page, and enter the name of each group member and the URL of your Project 5 page (must start with

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