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Tue, Dec 6 - Google Maps

Since we won't have time to cover the Google Maps API, you can find slides and examples from a previous offering of CS 312. This is using the Google Maps v3 API, which is now the default, so all of the code and examples are valid and should work.

Mon, Dec 5 - Project 5 Late Submissions

For Project 5, I will be strictly enforcing the policy on late submissions. Submissions received (or modified) more than 3 days after the deadline will receive no credit. I take off 5 points for each 24 hour period that the submission is late.

Deadline: Tuesday, Dec 6 before midnight Final deadline for any credit: Friday, Dec 9 before midnight (If you submit your assignment after Thursday night, do not expect to have it graded before the final exam on Saturday.)

Important: Once you have submitted your project, do not edit any of the files. I will use the later of your submission timestamp and the last modified timestamps as your submission date.

Fri, Dec 2 @ 4:20pm - Next Week's Classes

Tuesday, Dec 6 - HTML5/jQuery, slides and examples posted on the Schedule

Thursday, Dec 8 - Final exam review, study guide has been posted (look over the midterm study guide as well

Tue, Nov 29 @ 4:17pm - No Class, Thurs Dec 1

I will be holding additional office hours at 3-4:15pm on Thurs, Dec 1 instead of meeting class.

Tue, Nov 22 @ 3:16pm - Project 4 Extension

Project 4 is now due by Wed, Nov 23 before midnight.

Mon, Nov 14 @ 3:21pm - Project 3 Clarification

You may ignore the part of requirement #4 that says "you will need to declare the global variable xmlhttp". This is not needed for this assignment.

Fri, Nov 11 @ 12:56pm - XML Lab Solutions

You can also find these on the Schedule page under Nov 10.

Thu, Nov 10 @ 1:51pm - Project 2 Grading

I'll be posting grades on Blackboard shortly (at latest by 5pm today) and if you did not make 100, you'll be receiving an email to your account with comments on your submission.

Here are the guidelines I used for grading - I'll reference these numbers in your email:

  1. Form in the content section of add.html
  2. Asks for a variety of information (at least 3 pieces)
  3. Some fields are marked as “required”
  4. Clear button clears the form
  5. Add button calls JavaScript code.
  6. Form is styled with CSS
  7. JavaScript checks to make sure that required fields are not blank and displays alert if they are blank
  8. If all fields are filled in, JavaScript displays alert containing all of the information the user entered into the form.
  9. Last modified date on add.html uses JavaScript (date.lastModified) instead of being hard-coded
  10. add.html passes validation -

Mon, Nov 7 @ 12:53pm - XML Lab and Upcoming Schedule

We'll finish up our discussion on XML tomorrow at the beginning of class, but then we'll start our XML lab, which will be continued on Thursday. Please bring your laptops both class days this week.

Also note that I've mapped out classes until Thanksgiving break (see the Schedule). We'll do PHP/Ajax lecture on Tues, Nov 15 and then labs until the break.

Wed, Nov 2 @ 2:23pm - Proj 2 Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Here are a couple helpful hints on checking the information a user enters in a checkbox or radio button section of a form.


Here's an example:

Radio Buttons:

Here's an example:

Tue, Nov 1 @ 5:10pm - Lab Exercises Solutions

You can also find these on the Schedule page next to the day of the lab.

Note, many of these tasks can be done in different ways, so these are just examples of one way of doing them.

CGI lab -

JavaScript lab - and

Sat, Oct 15 @ 3:10pm - Current Grades Posted

I've posted your current grades on Blackboard. This includes HW 4 and Quiz 2, but not Project 1.

Fri, Oct 14 @ 11:37am - Mid-Term Study Guide

I've posted the Mid-Term Study Guide. Remember that the exam (covering topics through DNS) is on Thursday, Oct 20. We will have a review session in class on Tuesday, Oct 18. Bring questions about the study guide, homework, or general course topics. I'll answer questions until either our time is up or you run out of questions.

Tue, Oct 4 @ 5:15pm - Proj 1 Clarification

When trying to view your webpage, remember that the public_html directory is not used in the URL.

For example, the page for our in-class examples is located at /home/mweigle/public_html/cs312/index.html. You access the page with The public_html folder tells the webserver where to look for your webpages. index.html is the default page to load (so will work, too).

Wed, Sep 28 @ 2:03pm - HW 4 postponed

HW 4 is now due Tues, Oct 4.

Tue, Sep 27 @ 7:48pm - HW 4, Problem 1

I've had a couple questions about HW 4, Problem 1 (using telnet to talk to the web server). Use putty to login to one of the CS Unix machines (fast alias is fine). Then, use the command

 telnet 80

to connect to the web server that is listening for connections on port 80. The rest is similar to the example we discussed in class (and that is in the lecture notes).

Tue, Sep 27 @ 4:27pm - Quiz 1 Solutions

Quiz1 and solutions have now been posted.

Fri, Sep 23 @ 11:32am - Quiz 1

Quiz 1 will be held at the beginning of class on Tuesday (Sep 27). It will cover propagation, transmission, and end-to-end delay calculations. It is open book/notes, but you will have a limited amount of time.

Wed, Sep 21 @ 10:47am - HW 3

A couple notes on HW 3 (due Thursday at class time):

Tue, Sep 13 @ 4:20pm - HTTP exercises

Work the HTTP exercises found on slides 31-34 of the HTTP lecture (see schedule). We'll review the answers in class on Thursday. You'll see similar questions on a homework, the mid-term, and the final exam.

Fri, Sep 2 @ 1:29pm - Class Mailing List

Please sign up for the class mailing list. Use whatever email address you will actually check every day.

Mon, Aug 29 @ 7:49am - No Class Tuesday

Classes have been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday due to Hurricane Irene. See or the ODU Student Alert for more information.

Fri, Aug 12 @ 9:35am - Welcome to CS 312!

Your main resource for information about CS 312 is the course website. The syllabus and lecture notes for the first day of class are already posted. Lecture notes can be found on the Schedule page.

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