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Tue, Nov 6 @ 11:39am - Class Schedule Updates

Thu, Oct 25 @ 9:39am - No Class and New Assignment

Since we finished all of the demos on Tuesday, there's no class today. Note that Proj3 has been posted.

Wed, Sep 26 @ 9:33am - Proj 2 added requirements

I've moved up the following requirements from Proj3 to Proj2:

See the Required list under the Roles section for more info.

Tue, Sep 25 @ 9:25am - Next Week

Reminder that I'm on travel next week starting on Tuesday, so no class or office hours on Tuesday or Thursday. But, I will hold office hours on Monday 9:30-11am.

Fri, Sep 7 @ 11:30am - Ch 04 - alter_movie.php

I've created a new ch04.tgz file with a fix to alter_movie.php. If you've already unpacked the old file, just delete the line $results->free(); at the end of alter_movie.php. The mysqli_result object is only created for SELECT, SHOW, DESCRIBE or EXPLAIN queries, so for UPDATE there is nothing to "free".

Fri, Sep 7 @ 10:55am - Groups

The deadline for choosing groups has passed. Please check the Groups page to make sure I have your group recorded properly. If I did not hear from you, you are working alone. Note that groups may be dissolved at any time, but no new groups may be formed. Start thinking about a topic for your message board project. Take a look at other message boards for ideas.

Thu, Aug 30 @ 9:20am - Using mweigle418

Login to mweigle418 using your CS Unix username/passwd. Your MySQL username is the same as your login, and the passwd is what I gave you in class. You can test that at (We'll talk more about phpmyadmin later).

All user webpages are located under your local cs418_html directory (instead of public_html). You'll need to create a /home/username/cs418_html/ directory and set permissions using chmod 755. Any files you put in that directory (with the correct permissions) should appear at

Thu, Jun 21 @ 8:30am - Textbook and More Info

The textbook for CS 418/518 will be Beginning PHP5, Apache, and MySQL Web Development by Naramore et al. (free online preview). The structure of the course will be similar to the last offering (Fall 2010), taught by Martin Klein.

Tue, Apr 24 @ 1:05pm - Class Overview

This class will introduce Web Programming, the process of writing interactive applications accessible through the WWW. We will develop in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) environment. Emphasis will be on the integration of these components for a useful application; none will be exhaustively covered. Lectures will provide the overview of various concepts, and the class will be centered around group development of a semester-long project. Prerequisites include Web familiarity, programming knowledge and database experience. We will only use very simple databases, so that knowledge can be acquired during the class.

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