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CS418-F12: Project 2: Expanded Message Board Features

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Assigned: Tuesday, Sep 25, 2012
Status Report: Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012
Due: Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012 - in-class demos

Added requirement for "remember me" at login and explicit logout function (see Required list under Roles section) -MCW 9/26/12


The assignment asks you to build upon the basic message board that you built for Project 1. This version requires several additional features, including roles (admin, moderator, etc.), thread support, multiple forums, and pagination.



Users can now have roles, which are separate from a user’s identity


Thread Support

A thread is a message and all of its associated replies (and replies to replies to replies...). There are many different display models possible.

List of Threads in a Forum Examples:

List of Messages in a Thread Examples:


Multiple Forums

A forum is a sub-topic relevant to the entire message board (e.g., separate forums for "Good Eats" and "Recruiting" on the LSU sports message board).



Administrator can set how many messages/replies to view on a single “page” (default = 5). See threading examples for pagination examples.



In-class status report in two weeks (Oct 16)

In-class demo (Oct 23-25)

Each student will grade the aesthetic appearance of the other groups’ message boards

Grades should be available within one week



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