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CS418-F12: Project 3: Admin, Moderator, and User Functions

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Assigned: Thursday, Oct 25, 2012
Status Report: Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012
Due: Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 in-class demos


The assignment asks you to continue to extend your message board from Project 2. This version requires the addition of a registration mechanism for new users and extended role functions.


New User Registration

Use a 2 step procedure to reduce illegitimate registrations:

At registration, users can specify if they want to receive either text/html email or text/plain email. Note that you cannot send email outside of the domain.

You are encouraged to have other groups test out your new user registration feature.

Forgot Password

Add a “Forgot password?” function to email password reminder or password reset to existing users. It is your choice which to implement.

Extended Role Functions




In-class status report (Nov 6)

In-class demo on Nov 13

Each student will grade the aesthetic appearance of the other groups’ message boards

Grades should be available within one week



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