CS 432/532 - Web Science
Fall 2020: All sections, online

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Course Overview

Catalog Description: Provides an overview of the World Wide Web and associated decentralized information structures, focusing mainly on the computing aspects of the Web: how it works, how it is used, and how it can be analyzed. Students will examine a number of topics including: web architecture, web characterization and analysis, web archiving, Web 2.0, social networks, collective intelligence, search engines, web mining, information diffusion on the web, and the Semantic Web.

Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in CS 361 (Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms) and CS 330 (Object-Oriented Programming and Design) - or similar experience for graduate students.

We will be using Python this semester. You are not required to know Python ahead of time, but since you are required to have previous programming experience, I expect you to be able to pick up the syntax quickly. If you are unfamiliar with Python, I strongly suggest that you spend a bit of time with it before the semester begins. Here are some good Intro to Python resources:

We will be using several websites for class this semester. This site (https://www.cs.odu.edu/~mweigle/CS432-F20/) should be your first stop -- it contains links to all of the other sites that are needed.

Summary Schedule

Note: This is a tentative schedule and may be updated during the semester.

ODU Fall 2020 academic schedule

Week Start Date Topic
1 Aug 15 Web Science, Web Architecture
2 Aug 22 Introduction to Python
3 Aug 29 Introduction to Info Vis with R, Python
4 Sep 5 Measuring the Web
5 Sep 12 Archiving the Web
6 Sep 19 Searching the Web
7 Sep 26 Social Networks
8 Oct 3 Selection and Social Influence
9 Oct 10 Visualizing Social Networks
10 Oct 17 Disinformation
11 Oct 24 Collective Intelligence and Recommender Systems
12 Oct 31 Clustering Algorithms
13 Nov 7 Document Filtering (Classification)
14 Nov 14 kNN and Algorithm Summary
Thurs, Nov 18 last day of classes

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Course History

This course at ODU was originally developed by Dr. Michael Nelson, based on Dr. Frank McCown (ODU alum)'s Intro to Web Science course at Harding University. In previous semesters, it has also been taught by Dr. Alexander Nwala (former PhD student at ODU).