CS 455/555 - Intro to Networks and Communications
Fall 2008: Tues/Thurs 3-4:15pm, Dragas 1117

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Tuesday/Thursday 3-4:15pm, Dragas 1117, Fall 2008

Tue, Nov 25 @ 11:48 am - Final Exam Study Guide
The final exam study guide has been posted.

Mon, Nov 24 @ 11:00 am - Chapter 5 Questions
I've posted a set of questions from the textbook that you can use to review Chapter 5.

Wed, Nov 5 @ 9:06am - Program 3 FAQ

  • How can we tell that the web server has finished sending its response to the proxy server?
The web server will close the socket when it has finished sending the response (according to the HTTP/1.0 specification). This will result in an IOException when you next try to read from the socket.
  • Can we use readLineBytes() to read binary data?
No, you cannot use readLineBytes() to handle binary data.
  • So, what's the use of readLineBytes() again?
It allows you to read directly from a DataInputStream instead of a BufferedReader wrapped around an InputStreamReader. You'll need this to read the data part of a binary object correctly.
Hint: Once you've finished reading the HTTP response header (with readLineBytes()), you need to read one byte at a time from the DataInputStream you created and then send that one byte to the socket (using the DataOutputStream). Repeat this until you've read every byte that the server has sent.
  • What HTTP request header option lines should we include from the client?
Make sure that you include any lines that start with 'Cookie', 'Host', 'User-Agent', and 'Accept' (including 'Accept-Encoding' and others). Do not modify these lines.

Sun, Oct 12 @ 6:37pm - Midterm Exam Grades Posted
Grades are posted on Blackboard.

Fri, Sep 26 @ 5:37pm - Midterm Study Guide Posted
You can find the midterm study guide on the schedule under reading due Oct 2.

Sun, Sep 21 @ 3:15pm - Homework 1/Program 1 Grades Posted
Grades have posted on Blackboard for Homework 1 and Program 1. For Homework 1, I will hand back the assignments and we will discuss the solutions in class on Tuesday.

Thu, Sep 18 @ 7:40pm - Homework 2, Problem 4
You do not need to use dig to complete this problem. Instead, use the same method that we discussed in class (see the www.cnn.com and www2.cnn.com examples).

Thu, Sep 11 @ 12:32pm - Homework 2
Homework 2 is assigned today (linked on the course schedule) and is due Tues, Sep 23.

Wed, Sep 10 @ 2:54pm - Out of Town Sep 15-17
I will be out-of-town from Sep 15-17, so no class on Tues, Sep 16 and no office hours on Mon, Sep 15 or Wed, Sep 17.

Mon, Sep 08 @ 12:35pm - Program 1 FAQ
I'll be posting answers to frequently asked questions here:

  • How should we handle URLs that start with HTTP:// as opposed to http://?
As long as your program doesn't crash, it doesn't matter to me how you handle this case. You can print an error message, or you can accept it.
  • How can we test URLs that contain ? or * characters?
Put the URL in quotes. Ex: java UrlParser "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEov7-asdf"
  • Do we need to ensure that the hostname given is a valid host?
No. You are just parsing the URL, you do not need to validate that the hostname actually exists. Think about it this way, what does your browser do if you enter an invalid hostname? It tries to contact that host anyway.
  • Can we use built-in Java classes like java.net.URL to parse the URL?
No. The goal is for you to become familiar with parsing strings yourselves using Java.

Fri, Sep 05 @ 12:42pm - ODU-CS Machines for Networking Projects
Remember that for networking programs, you should login to either vega, deneb, or antares (instead of using the fast alias). Also, only ports 10000-11000 are available for our use.

Tue, Sep 02 @ 8:30pm - Blackboard Possible Issues
If you have trouble submitting your assignment through Blackboard using Firefox or Internet Explorer 7, try using Internet Explorer 6.

Tue, Sep 02 @ 8:25pm - Accessing CS Unix from Home
See the Opening X-Windows Remotely page for links to putty (used to securely login to the Unix server) and Xming (a free tool for displaying windows from the Unix server).

Fri, Aug 29 @ 9:19am - CS Unix Access
I've posted the following under Useful Links:

To log in to the CS Unix system, ssh to fast.cs.odu.edu.

Mon, Jul 14 @ 11:30am - Welcome!
Welcome to the CS 455/555 webpage. Please look around and email me if you have any questions.