CS 455/555 - Intro to Networks and Communications
Fall 2009: Tues/Thurs 3-4:15pm, Spong 0108

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  • Dr. Michele Weigle
  • mweigle at cs.odu.edu
  • E&CS 3214
  • Office Hours: MW 2:30-4pm
  • Grader: Hui Shi
  • hshi at cs.odu.edu


Syllabus (pdf)

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Tues/Thurs 3-4:15pm, Spong 0108, Fall 2009

Textbook: Computer Networks: A Top-Down Approach by Kurose and Ross, 5th ed.

Wed, Dec 2 @ 1:20pm - Grades Updated
I've updated Blackboard with your Homework 3, Homework 4, and current average.

Mon, Nov 30 @ 3:48pm - Final Exam
Just a reminder that our final exam is on Sat, Dec 12 at 3:45-6:45pm in our normal classroom. (The date in the syllabus is wrong.)

Sat, Nov 28 @ 8:51pm - Program 4 - Last Delay Value
If you are having trouble getting the last delay value to match the examples, remember that the last ACK should not be dropped. In my example code, I don't draw a number from the RNG to see if the last ACK should be dropped (because it shouldn't be no matter what).

Wed, Nov 25 @ 9:33am - Program 4 Clarification / Fixed Examples
I have changed the examples to match the description of the program. Previously, telling the sender to send 5 messages would have sent messages with data 0-5 (6 messages). Your program (and the new examples) should have the correct behavior of sending messages with data 0-4 (5 messages).

Fri, Nov 20 @ 4:00pm - Final Exam Study Guide
The Final Exam study guide is now available.

Tue, Nov 17 @ 1:16pm - Due Dates Changed
Homework 4 is due Thursday (11/19) before class starts. Program 4 is due Tues, Dec 1 (after Thanksgiving Break).

Wed, Nov 11 @ 7:34pm - Classes Canceled Tomorrow
The university has canceled all classes for Thursday, Nov 12.

On Tuesday, we'll cover as much of Ethernet and Wireless as we can. We'll finish covering Wireless if there is time after scheduled student presentations.

Thu, Nov 5 @ 9:30am - Paper and Presentation Grading Guidelines
I've posted grading guidelines for the paper and presentation at the bottom of the Topics page.

Wed, Nov 4 @ 8:43pm - Prog 3 FAQ

  • The two programs that you are writing for Program 3 (HTTP Request Capture and HTTP Client) are independent.
  • Use the HTTP Request Capture with a web browser. Use the hostname and port where you are running your capture program in the URL you type in your browser. For example, if you are running your capture program on vega port 10010, use something like http://vega:10010/my/url/ or http://vega.cs.odu.edu:10010/. The path doesn't matter because your capture program is not actually serving pages. There is no need to change any proxy settings on your browser.
  • Use the HTTP client to request data from a web server. Your client should be able to send requests and receive responses from any web server on the Internet. There is no need to write a server program to communicate with this client.

Tue, Oct 27 @ 8:25am - Class Canceled, Hmwk 3, Prog 3

  • Class is canceled today.
  • Homework 3 is due tomorrow (Weds) before 2:30pm. Please bring your homework to my office (E&CS 3214). If I'm not there and it's before 2:30, put it under my door. If I'm not there and it's after 2:30, turn it in to the main CS office.
  • Program 3 is assigned today.

Mon, Oct 26 @ 4:47pm - Program 2 Graded
Grades and comments for Program 2 are posted on Blackboard.

Thu, Oct 22 @ 7:26am - Class Canceled
I'm canceling class today. We'll cover IP on Tuesday. Remember that your paper topics are due today, and Homework 3 is due on Tuesday - before class begins.

Tue, Oct 20 @ 4:15pm - Topics
Reminder that paper/presentation topics are due by email on Thursday. If you're in CS 555, check the Topics page first to make sure that you're picking a unique topic. If you're in CS 455, you are allowed to pick something that someone else has already picked.

Mon, Oct 19 @ 8:30am - Office Hours Canceled Today
I have to stay home today with a sick baby, so office hours today are canceled. I will be available through email (and Skype if necessary) if you need to contact me.

Thu, Oct 8 @ 5:02pm - Blackboard Grades Updated
I've posted grades for Homework 2, Midterm, and updated Current Averages on Blackboard.

Thu, Oct 8 @ 4:34pm - Final Paper Assignment
Please see the final paper assignment that's been posted. Let me know if you have any questions. The first deadline is October 22 (topic and papers), so start thinking about what you want to look into.

Mon, Sep 28 @ 2:50pm - Mid-Term Study Guide Posted
The mid-term study guide has been posted on the schedule under Oct 1. Look over it and ask any questions you have in class on Thursday.

Wed, Sep 23 @ 3:44pm - Homework 1 Graded
Grades for Homework 1 and your current average have been posted to Blackboard.

Thu, Sep 17 @ 2:11pm - Program 1 Test Cases
Here are the test cases for Program 1 and their solution. Check your Blackboard grade comments for more details on which tests your program failed (if any).

Tue, Sep 15 @ 9:54am - Homework 1, Question 17
Question 17 on Homework 1 should ask "What is the delay in sending the whole file?" instead of "Find the value of S that minimizes the delay of moving the file from Host A to Host B."

Mon, Sep 14 @ 2:39pm - Program 1
Grades for Program 1 have been posted on Blackboard. Please see the comments associated with your grade. If you have questions about your grade, please come see me in office hours or setup an appointment. If you got 60 or lower, please come talk with me (during office hours). I plan to go over the solution in class before Program 2 is assigned.

Thu, Sep 03 @ 4:35pm - Program 1 FAQ
I'll be posting answers to frequently asked questions here:

  • Can we use built-in Java classes like java.net.URL to parse the URL?
No. The goal is for you to become familiar with parsing strings yourselves using Java.

Tue, Sep 1 @ 4:42pm - Final Exam Date
The final exam date listed in the syllabus is incorrect. The correct date is on the course schedule page: Saturday, December 12 at 3:45pm. You can also check the Registrar's Exam Schedule to verify any of your final exam dates.

Tue, Sep 1 @ 4:40pm - Unix System FAQ
The Useful Links page has been updated to include the CS Systems FAQ. This includes information on open CS labs, Unix machine names, and how to create a CS Unix account.

Mon, Aug 10 @ 10:57am - Syllabus Posted
The syllabus for the course has been posted. See the side bar and/or the schedule page.

Thur, Jul 30 @ 11:01am - Textbook Info
The official textbook is the 5th edition of Kurose/Ross. The 3rd and 4th editions are also acceptable.
See Chegg.com for textbook rental.