From CS 725/825 Fall 2013

CS725-F13: Homework 5: Visualization Foundations, Designing Effective Graphs

Assigned: Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013 (released Fri, Sep 27)
Due: Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 before class begins (after Fall Break)


There is a written part and a hands-on part to this assignment. The purpose is to assess your understanding of the material and to give you practice recognizing and designing effective visualizations.

Part 1 - Written Assignment

  1. Compare and contrast two or more of the taxonomies or classification schemes discussed in Chapter 4. Choose ones you feel have the most overlap.
  2. Describe 4 examples of how rules in Chapter 12 may conflict with each other.
  3. Other than the figures used in the exercises, find at least 3 examples of figures in the textbook that could be improved using design guidelines described in Chapter 12. Give suggestions for how to improve them.
  4. Consider plotting the exchange rates of 20 different countries. List at least 3 ways of ordering the names and why each might be useful. You do not have to actually create the graph, just think about how to order the country names.

Grading Rubric: Rubric for Short Answer/Essay Questions

Submission: Submit a hard copy at the beginning of class.

Part 2 - Hands-On Assignment

First, create a webpage ( would be suitable) to hold the results of this part of the assignment.

  1. Create multiple visualizations to demonstrate each of the 8 visual variables (not all in one graph).
  2. Look back at a visualization you've made for a previous assignment and improve it using guidelines discussed this week. Explain what you changed and the principles behind the changes.
  3. Look back at a visualization you've made for a previous assignment and make it worse by violating some of the design guidelines we've discussed. Explain what you changed and how it made the visualization worse. We may vote on the ugliest, least informative visualization in class.

Grading Rubric: Rubric for Programming Assignments

The data visualization components metric won't apply to Question 3.

Submission: Email me the URL of your webpage before class begins. We will discuss the problem in class. I may show one or two solutions as examples.

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