From CS 725/825 Fall 2013

CS725-F13: Announcements

Fri, Sep 27 @ 10:02am - Next Week's Slides and Readings

Note that slides and additional reading materials for next week's classes will be posted on Blackboard (see "Additional Materials" link in the sidebar).

Wed, Sep 18 @ 10:13am - HW4 and Semester Project

HW4 and the semester project were announced in class yesterday. Check out the schedule page for links.

Thu, Sep 12 @ 2:54pm - HW3 and next week

HW3 (finishing the lab, including explanations) is due next Tuesday. Next week, we'll discuss Chapter 3 - Human Perception. It's a bit long (but very interesting), so get started with the reading if you haven't already.

Wed, July 17 @ 1:45pm - Textbook

I've chosen a textbook for the course. We'll be using Interactive Data Visualization: Foundations, Techniques, Applications by Ward, Grinstein, and Keim.

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