CS 725/825 - Information Visualization
Fall 2013: Tues/Thurs 1:30-2:45pm, E&CS 2120

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Tableau's data visualization software is provided through the Tableau for Teaching program.

InfoVis Tools


  • Name several different tools, other than the ones we're using in class, for creating visualizations.
  • Use Tableau to create many different views of a dataset for exploration
  • Use R to create a scatterplot matrix of the dataset suitable for examining the relationships between multiple variables
  • Use D3 to create an interactive view of the dataset
  • Explore the different types of graphs that can be created with R and D3
  • Explore the use of Vega for quickly creating visualizations in D3
  • Explore the use of Clickme for creating interactive visualizations in R

Other Tools

Lists of Tools

Many Eyes - http://manyeyes.com/

Google Chart Tools - http://developers.google.com/chart/

Google Fusion Tables - https://developers.google.com/fusiontables/, https://support.google.com/fusiontables/answer/2571232

Google Public Data Explorer - http://www.google.com/publicdata/directory

  • Visualize and explore large public-interest datasets
  • Upload your own data

Gapminder World - http://www.gapminder.org

  • Hans Rosling¬ís work
  • Displays animated bubble charts of data related to wealth and health of nations
  • Not really a system, but allows for web-based interactive exploration of a particular type of data set
  • Technology now a part of Google Public Data Explorer (Google bought it)

NodeXL - http://nodexl.codeplex.com/

MIT SIMILE Project - JavaScript libraries

Cubism.js - http://square.github.com/cubism

  • D3 plugin for visualizing time series
  • Dynamic, can pull data from web

jQuery Sparklines - http://omnipotent.net/jquery.sparkline/

  • Can use data supplied either inline in the HTML or via JavaScript
  • Examples take just 1 line of HTML and 1 line of JavaScript
  • Version 2.0 adds interactivity - mouseover tooltips, click interaction



Graph types in Tableau


Graph types in R

R Add-ons


Graph types in d3

d3 Add-ons/APIs