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CS725-F17: In-Class Work 4 (ICW4)

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Goal: Train yourself in designing visualizations appropriate for a given data analysis and communication problem.

Gather into groups of 3-4 students to work this exercise. Choose a group representative who will present your findings to the class when we gather back together.


You work in a design agency which needs to develop a Twitter Monitoring application for the “Country X” presidential elections. The goal of the application is to show, at any given time, what is the current sentiment about each candidate in each Country X’s state.


You are provided with data extracted by a data processing engine which monitors Twitter and produces at regular intervals the following information:


Design a visualization that shows all of this information at once.

The visualization should allow the viewer to answer the following questions about each candidate:

Many thanks to Enrico Bertini ( for sharing this "Visualization Design/Twitter Sentiment" exercise.

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