From CS 725/825 Fall 2017

CS725-F17: In-Class Work 5 (ICW5)

Please provide your responses to the following questions on paper.

Part 1 - Textbook Feedback

This semester, we covered the textbook slightly out-of-order:

Provide your thoughts on this ordering (as opposed to straight numerical order). Was skipping ahead early to discuss Arrange Tables (overview of many idioms) and Marks and Channels worthwhile? Should there have been other chapters brought forward, too? If you think things should be arranged differently, suggest an alternate ordering.

Which chapter(s) did you find the most useful? least useful? Why?

Part 2 - Course Reflection

Think back over the course of the entire semester. What are three important things you've learned that you will carry with you after the semester is over?

Part 3 - Additional Feedback

Please also complete the ODU student evaluation for the course and if you have additional non-anonymous feedback that you'd like to share with me, please send me an email.

Submission: Submit your paper to me before you leave class today.

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