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CS725-F17: Visualization Implementation 3

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Due: September 22, 2017 before 8:30am

The goal of this week's assignment is to build a line chart and a bar chart using the AidData Example we considered in ICW1.


Create your project

For the rest of this assignment, you'll add files to this new project. You may add the files either through the Gitlab webpages or through the command-line (refer back to git - the simple guide). Just make sure that the version in your local repository (in your ODU-CS account) is up-to-date with the remote repository (in Gitlab).

Solution Webpage


Copy the AidData example data into a separate spreadsheet. Use your list of questions from ICW1 to transform the data so that it can be charted as a line chart and as a bar chart. You may need to create separate spreadsheets for each. Make sure that some of the data you want to show makes sense to be shown as a line chart and some as a bar chart.

Transform your data as needed and plan out your charts before you start coding. Save your data files as either CSV or JSON and upload them to your gitlab project.


Use either Vega-Lite (built by the developers of D3) or NVD3 to generate both a line chart and a bar chart.

Other requirements:

Here are some links that you might find helpful:


Submit the URLs of your solution webpage and Gitlab project in Blackboard

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