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CS725-F17: Visualization Implementation 7

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Due: November 3, 2017 before 8:30am

The goal of this week's assignment is to build an interactive component in a D3 chart.


Create your project

For the rest of this assignment, you'll add files to this new project. You may add the files either through the Gitlab webpages or through the command-line (refer back to git - the simple guide). Just make sure that the version in your local repository (in your ODU-CS account) is up-to-date with the remote repository (in Gitlab).

Solution Webpage


Take one of your charts from a previous D3 assignment or your project and implement some form of filtering/selection using a standard UI element (slider, dropdown, button, ...). If you choose something like a drop-down, make the filter action happen on the item selection. That is, don't require the user to click a separate 'Submit' button before the chart updates.

You may want to choose your chart carefully -- VI8 will be an extension of this and will ask you to create 2 charts related to your data and use a selection in one chart to filter data in the other chart.

Other requirements:

Here are several examples:


Submit the URLs of your solution webpage and Gitlab project in Blackboard

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