From CS 725/825 Spring 2016

CS725-S16: Project Demo Schedule

Fri, Apr 29, 2016 - 8:30-11:30am

E&CS 2120

8:30 amsetup (load presentations, webpages, etc.) 
8:45 amT1: Erika, Hung, SrinivasNavy Hearing Conservation Program
9:00 amT7: Christos, Juliette, MridulExpand WorldVis visualization
9:15 amT10: Lloyd, EvanEffects of Flooding on Real Estate in Hampton Roads
9:30 amT6: Manoj, Meysam, JamesImpacts of Sea Level Rise in Sewells Point
9:45 amT2: Venkata, Abhishek, SumanthUS Campus Safety and Security
10:00 amT8: Dinesh, Rithika, Bhavani"Slate of Schools" - US Universities
10:15 amT3 Sindhuja, Mounika Ko., KeertiAnalysis of Student Fee Structure at ODU and other Virginia Universities
10:30 amT4: Mounika Ka., Surbhi, SrineejaODU Class Locations
10:45 amT9: Shivani, Ravi, RajyalakshmiODU Student Demographics
11:00 amT5: John, Dan, JoelVisualizing Collections of Archived Webpages
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