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CS725-S17: Assignment Guidelines

In-Class Work

In-class work (ICW) is group work. The groups should consist of 2-3 in-class students and at least one online student.

One of the in-class students must volunteer to be the note-taker. This job should rotate throughout the semester. Each in-class student must ensure that they have been a note-taker at least once during the semester. The goal of taking notes is to summarize the group discussion, attribute ideas and contributions to particular group members (use @username), and help the online group member gain a sense of the group's discussion so that they can contribute later.

The note-taker should also create the initial solution file, but I expect each member of the group to contribute. If your group does not have a laptop during class, take notes on paper and then upload and edit in Gitlab after class.

Instead of taking notes in GitLab, you may create the notes file in Google Documents and share among your group members (using emails). You must also share your notes document with me (ODU username: mweigle). Make sure to indicate the note-taker

The solutions in the ICWs will not be graded directly, but participation of each group member and quality of note-taking will be checked:

Printing from gitlab: Easiest way I've found is to use Safari (non-Mac users, please give suggestions, too), Develop > User Agent > Safari - iPhone, then print at 75%

Submission: Gitlab

Visualization Implementation

Visualization implementation (VI) is individual work. All work must be your own. You may use resources on the Internet for reference, but you must not copy large sections of code and if you use online resources, you must cite your sources (including direct URL).

Warning: Visualization is in a large sense about design and the individual design decisions that are made. No matter how simple, it is rare that two charts developed independently will look exactly the same or have identical stylings. Group work on VI assignments is not acceptable. Do not start with someone else's solution and make changes -- this is easy to detect.

Grading scale: 0-10, where 10 is the absolute best (don't expect to get 10s on a regular basis)

Submission: Blackboard

The reason we'll use Blackboard for submission is so that grades and feedback can easily be provided privately.

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