CS 725/825 - Information Visualization
Spring 2017: Wednesdays, 9:30am-12:15pm, E&CS 2120

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Tableau's data visualization software is provided through the Tableau for Teaching program.

In-Class Work 9 (ICW9)

Special for ICW9: This is an individual assignment and both parts should be completed in class today. Online students, please submit your ICW9 by Sunday, April 23.

Part 1 - Paper Categorization

Look back at the academic paper that you presented and the course textbook (table of contents). Classify your paper into one of the chapters in the textbook. Describe why you think the paper fits into that chapter.

Submission: Submit your answers in Blackboard - "Other Submissions > ICW9-P1"

Part 2 - Course Reflection

Think back over the course of the entire semester. What are three important things you've learned that you will carry with you after the semester is over?

Submission: Submit your answers in Blackboard - "Other Submissions > ICW9-P2" -- note that this will go in as a survey and will be anonymous

Please also complete the ODU student evaluation for the course.

If you have additional non-anonymous feedback that you'd like to share with me, please send me an email.