CS 725/825 - Information Visualization
Spring 2018: Wedesdays, 9:30am-12:15pm, E&CS 2120

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Homework 4

Due: February 7, 2018 before 9:30am

The goal of this week's assignment is to build a line chart and a bar chart in D3 using the AidData sample data we considered in ICW1.


This week's homework will be done using BlockBuilder (and thus bl.ocks.org and gist.github.com). You will be creating two charts, a line chart and a bar chart, so you should have two separate bl.ocks.org pages (from here on, I'll call these blocks).


Copy the AidData example data into a separate spreadsheet. Consider your list of questions from ICW1. Find one that can be effectively answered with a line chart and one that can be effectively answered with a bar chart. You may need to create separate datafiles for each.

I encourage you to aggregate or reduce your data in some way rather than trying to show data for every country listed in the datafile. Your chart should be displayable in a typical browser window without scrolling.

Transform your data as needed and plan out your charts before you start coding.


Use D3.v4 to generate a line chart and a bar chart. Your charts must have labeled axes.

In the README.md of each block:

  • list the marks/channels used and the data/attributes they map to
  • write an explanation of what the chart shows
  • point out 1-2 interesting insights (i.e., things you learned from the chart)
  • include links to any examples or helpful tutorials that you used

In Blackboard, write a description on your experiences getting started and building your own charts with D3 (this should go in the edit box where you submit the links to your blocks).

When you start coding, make your blocks private. After you have submitted, be sure to make your blocks public so that I can grade them.

Helpful tutorials/links

Remember that there are more D3 links and tutorials (and the D3.v4 Changes document) on the Links page.


Submit the bl.ocks.org (not blockbuilder) URLs of your solutions in Blackboard

  • Click on HW4 under Homeworks
  • Under "Assignment Submission", click the "Write Submission" button.
  • Copy/paste the working URLs of your bl.ocks.org webpages into the edit box and make the links clickable. Make sure to indicate which is your line chart and which is your bar chart.
    • double-check your links to make sure that they are working properly
  • Don't forget to add your description of getting started with D3.
  • Make sure to "Submit" your assignment.