CS 795/895 - Vehicular Networks
Fall 2010: Thurs 3-5:30pm, E&CS 2120

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Tue, Dec 7 @ 9:04am - Final Exam Papers

The final exam will be assigned on Mon, Dec 13 at 8am and due Tue, Dec 14 before 11am. It will consist of questions related to the following conference papers:

Fri, Dec 3 @ 2:16pm - No Office Hours Tuesday

I will be out-of-town during regular office hours on Tues, Dec 7. I will be holding office hours on Monday (2-3pm) and Thursday (2-3pm).

Wed, Nov 17 @ 10:29am - Office Hour Change

Office hours on Mon, Nov 22 will be 12:30-1:30pm

Mon, Nov 15 @ 2:47pm - Grades Updated

Grades updated on Blackboard.

Tue, Nov 2 @ 8:50pm - Grades Posted

Current grades (including Paper 1, 1st round of presentations, and your current average) have been posted on Blackboard.

Tue, Nov 2 @ 8:42pm - Evaluation Plan postponed

The Evaluation Plan is due Sunday, Nov 7 before midnight. Each group should email one version of the plan to me. As this will count for Paper 2, take into account the paper assignment grading notes posted below.

Tue, Nov 2 @ 8:40pm - Paper Assignment Grading Notes

Your papers will be graded on a scale of 0-30 in the following areas:

  • G (grammar/spelling) - quality of English grammar, sentence structure, spelling, proof-reading
  • O (organization) - are paragraphs logically ordered (i.e. does the paper flow)?, are sentences in the paragraphs logically arranged?
  • C (content) - does the paper meet all of the requirements?, are there incorrect statements?

Thu, Oct 14 @ 2:39pm - Mid-Term Exam

Here's the cover page for the mid-term exam. It tells you what papers you'll be asked about and the guidelines for the exam. (Note: Don't read anything into the fact that it says "Page 1 of 2" at the bottom. The cover page is only 1 page long, and the total exam will be longer than 2 pages.)

Thu, Oct 14 @ 8:44am - Program 2

Use LogDistance fading (default in ns-3) instead of LogNormal Shadowing in Prog2.

Tue, Sep 30 @ 1:25pm - Class Cancelled due to Flooding

The university is closing at 4:15p, so I'm going to cancel class today.

  • Prog1 is still due, so email me your report PDF. I'll accept it until 8pm tonight.
  • Check the schedule. I'm pushing back presentations to start on Oct 14 instead of next week. I really want to talk about IEEE 1609 multi-channel.
  • Your project groups and topics are still due next week. Please come talk with me during office hours (or some other time) next week about your project plans. I've been adding potential projects to the list. Some of these involve the multi-channel papers we were going to cover today - make sure you read them.
  • Prog2 is assigned today. It is due 10/19 (Tuesday). Come talk with me if you had problems with Prog1.

Tue, Sep 30 @ 12:05pm - Office Hours

Starting next week, my new office hours will be M 2-3pm, T 3-4pm, and R 2-3pm. As always, if you cannot make these office hours, please email me for an appointment at another time.

Mon, Sep 27 @ 8:07pm - CS 795/895 ns3 Highway Mobility Branch

Hadi created a branch of his code for us to modify. If you have improvements, fixes, suggestions for the code, this branch will allow you to commit the changes back so that everyone can have access to them. See CS 795/895 Development Version for more information.

Tue, Sep 21 @ 12:52pm - Projects, Papers for Sep 30, and Upcoming Schedule

I've added a couple of suggested final projects to the Projects page. Later this week, I'll post readings for Sep 30 and an updated paper schedule. Note that the paper you've been assigned as presenter will remain the same, but groups will be changed. I'll try to have the new schedule out by later today or tomorrow at the latest.

Fri, Sep 10 @ 10:41am - ns3 setup

I've posted a link to ns3 setup and tutorial information. The setup information is complete, so make sure that you've done those steps before class next Thursday. (Remember we're meeting in the 3rd floor computer lab.) I'll be making additions to the other sections of the page, so check back from time to time.

Fri, Sep 3 @ 8:06am - Papers for Next Week

I've posted links to the papers we'll cover next week on the schedule. I found another nice reference to graph-making which we'll cover briefly. Then, we'll review wireless networking (IEEE 802.11) concepts and dive into how this applies to vehicular networks. The first two papers (uzcategui and jiang) give an overview of IEEE 1609 (WAVE) and 802.11p. The second two papers (torrent-moreno and eichler) discuss the effects of priority access in WAVE. Check back next week for slides that I'll use in our discussion.

Thu, Sep 2 @ 8:50am - Seats Available

According to LEO, there are 8 seats available in CS 795/895.

Wed, Sep 1 @ 2:52pm - Mailing List

Please sign up for the class mailing list. Use whatever email address you will actually check every day.

Thu, Aug 26 @ 3:45pm - Welcome to Vehicular Networks (CS 795/895)!

Your main resource for information about CS 795/895 is the course website. The syllabus has been posted. Lecture notes will soon be posted on the Schedule page.

Mon, Aug 16 @ 2:56pm - Textbook

The textbook Vehicular Networks: From Theory to Practice is optional, but recommended.