CS 795/895 - Vehicular Networks
Fall 2010: Thurs 3-5:30pm, E&CS 2120

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  • This schedule is subject to change and will be updated throughout the semester.
  • Lecture notes and assignments are linked into this schedule. (Lecture notes printing tips)
  • Please contact Michele Weigle (mweigle at cs.odu.edu) before re-distributing lecture note slides.
  • Topics in italics are tentative and are subject to change.
  • VN refers to the course textbook, Vehicular Networks: From Theory to Practice
  • ODU Fall 2010 Academic Calendar, Exam Schedule

Presentation Guidelines | Papers | Research Projects | Paper Assignments

Week Date Topic Reading Assignment
1 Sep 2 Administrivia
Research Methods
Intro to Vehicular Networks
(yousefi-itst06), (papadimitratos-commag09)
2 Sep 9 More Graph-Making,
Wireless Review,
Protocols (WAVE - IEEE 1609, IEEE 802.11p, DSRC, priority)
Guide for Statistical Charts (pdf)

(uzcategui-commmag09), (jiang-vtcs08), (torrent-moreno-vanet04), (eichler-vtc07)
3 Sep 16 ns-3, VANET in ns3
(Meet in E&CS Computer Lab)
ns3, (arbabi-wsc10), (bingmann-ms09) especially Appendix C Setup for ns-3 due
Prog1 assigned
4 Sep 23 (Weigle at MobiCom, VANET 2010)
Guest Lecturers: Hadi Arbabi, Mo Almalag
5 Sep 30 No Class - Flooding Prog1 due
Prog2 assigned
6 Oct 7 ACM VANET Report
IEEE 1609 Multi-Channel

(jiang-wcm06), (wang-vanet08), (chen-vnc09), (hong-wivec10)
Project Groups/Topics due
Paper Assignments
7 Oct 14 Dissemination/Aggregation
P1: Tihomir / Puya
P2: Bradley / Shahram
P3: Sai / Liang

Project Proposal due
Prog2 due on 10/19
8 Oct 21 Mid-Term Exam
9 Oct 28 Dissemination/Aggregation
P4: Puya / Tihomir
P5: Liang / Sai
P6: Shahram / Bradley


Paper 1 due
10 Nov 4 No Class - Weigle out of town
(GEC-9, ns-3 Developers' Mtg)
Evaluation Plan due on Sun 11/7 (counts as Paper 2)
11 Nov 11 Networking
P7: Tihomir / Puya
P8: Bradley / Shahram
P9: Sai / Liang

12 Nov 18 Applications
P10: Puya / Tihomir
P11: Liang / Sai
P12: Shahram / Bradley

Paper 3 due
Nov 25 No Class - Thanksgiving Break
13 Dec 2 No Class - Project Work
14 Dec 9 Final Project Presentations Final Paper due (Dec 10)
Mon, Dec 13
8 am
(shankar-icnp08), (maihofer-vanet05) Due: Tue, Dec 14 at 11am