CS 795/895 - Information Visualization
Fall 2011: Thurs 9:30am-12:15pm, E&CS 2120

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Tableau's data visualization software is provided through the Tableau for Teaching program.

Course Topics

Here's the list of topics planned for the semester. Let me know if there are other topics you'd like to discuss or those you think you might find most interesting. We'll probably cover all of these to some extent, but may focus on some over others as interest dictates.

Covered topics:

  • intro, info vis
  • 2D table/graph design
  • visual perception
  • cognition
  • multivariate visual representations
  • overview+detail

Upcoming topics:

  • interaction
  • storytelling
  • systems and toolkits
  • design principles (Tufte, Few)
  • hierarchies and trees
  • graphs and networks
  • text and documents
  • pan & zoom
  • time series
  • big data
  • evaluation

Other topics:

  • WWW - visualizing computer networks, webpages, web archives