CS 795/895 - Information Visualization
Fall 2012: Tues/Thurs 3-4:15pm, E&CS 2120

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  • This schedule is subject to change and will be updated throughout the semester. Items in italics are tentatively-scheduled topics. See course topics for tentative order of topics.
  • Lecture notes and assignments are linked into this schedule (printing tips). The links contain the full slide set - the slide numbers just indicate what we covered in class.
  • Chapter references labeled "VT" are from Visualize This, and those labeled "VD" are from Visualizing Data.
  • Much of the content of the lecture notes is courtesy/copyright John Stasko (Georgia Tech) with edits copyright Michele Weigle. Please contact Michele Weigle (mweigle at cs.odu.edu) before re-distributing lecture note slides.
  • ODU Fall 2012 Academic Calendar, Exam Schedule
next class tentative no class quiz/demo
Week Date Topic Reading for this class meeting Assignment / Due
1 Aug 28 First Day Admin
Intro to InfoVis
(slides 1-46)
VT Ch 1, VD Ch 1
Aug 30 Intro to InfoVis
(slides 46-52)
Systems and Toolkits

VT Ch 3
2 Sep 4 Tool Tutorials Bar Chart examples HW1 due
Sep 6 Design Principles and Graph Types
(slides 1-78)
Few, Effectively Communicating Numbers
Heer et al., A Tour Through the Visualization Zoo
Pie Chart example in Protovis,

Stacked Bar Chart example in Protovis

3 Sep 11 Design Principles and Graph Types
(slides 79-102)
(slides 1-24)

VT Ch 2
Web Scraping example
HW2 due
Sep 13 Data
slides (25-40)
(slides 1-38)

Healey and Enns, 2011
4 Sep 18 Perception
(slides 38-71)
Sep 20 Cognition and User Tasks Shneiderman, 1996
5 Sep 25 Overview+Detail and Focus+Context Cockburn et al., 2008 Semester Project
Sep 27 Interaction Yi et al., 2007
6 Oct 2 No Class - Weigle at GHC HW 3 due
Oct 4 No Class - Weigle at GHC
7 Oct 9 No Class - Fall Break
Oct 11 Time Series Aigner et al., 2008
R Time Series example
Project groups/description due
8 Oct 16 Quiz 1
Graphs and Networks
(slides 1-69)
Perer and Shneiderman, 2006 HW4
Oct 18 Graphs and Networks
(slides 70-127)
9 Oct 23 Multivariate Data
(slides 1-73)
Inselberg, 1997
Oct 25 VisWeek Report (Lulwah)
Multivariate Data
(slides 74-101)
Visual Uncertainty notes HW4 due
10 Oct 30 No Class - Hurricane Sandy
Nov 1 Quiz 2
Hierarchies and Trees (node-link)
(slides 1-70)
Node-Link notes Project progress report due
11 Nov 6 Hierarchies and Trees (space-filling)
(slides 71-112)
Johnson and Shneiderman, 1991
Space-Filling notes
Nov 8 No Class - Weigle at BioCom2
12 Nov 13 Text and Documents
(slides 1-55)
Text and Documents notes
Nov 15 Quiz 3
Text and Documents
(slides 55-124)
Keim and Oelke, VAST 2007
13 Nov 20 Storytelling and Data Journalism Segel and Heer, InfoVis 2010 (TVCG)
Storytelling notes
HW5 due
Nov 22 No Class - Thanksgiving Break
14 Nov 27 Evaluation Plaisant, AVI 2004
Nov 29 WWW
Adar et al., UIST 2008
Maps notes
15 Dec 4 Big Data
Course Wrap-Up

Seldmair et al., InfoVis 2012
Dec 6 No Class - Project Work Day Project reports due Dec 7
Sat, Dec 8
Final Project Presentations and Demos