CS 795/895 - Vehicular Networks
Spring 2010: Tues/Thurs 11-12:15pm, E&CS 2120

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Program Assignment 2

Assigned: Tuesday, Feb 4, 2010
Due: Tuesday, Feb 18, 2010 before 11:59pm

This assignment is based on the ns-3 VANET lecture by Hadi Arbabi.

  1. Run the vanet highway test (vanet-highway-test.cc) with -time=120, -plot=0 and 1 and get familiar with Controller.cc and its role.
  2. Modify Controller.cc to create this scenario:
    • Turn the auto injection off.
    • Create an ambulance and add that to the highway which must enter the highway from the other side (dir=-1, lane=2) as soon as the police reaches the obstacle and stops.
    • Let the ambulance have high power transmission (40.0), higher model acceleration rate (a=0.7), and regular speed (v0=25.0).
    • The ambulance must stop whenever it reaches to the police car and the obstacle.
    • Register the time when these three entities reach to the same region (equal position.x)
  3. Rerun the same scenario with auto injection and set the injection mixture to 50%. The ambulance must send a unicast message "I am coming" to the police every 2.5 seconds. Register the time when the ambulance reaches to the location. Repeat this with 30% injection mixture too.

Submit a document that contains a description of the experiments you ran, including graphs of your results. Your report should include parameter settings, expected results, and a discussion of how the actual results met (or didn't meet) your expectations.

The document should be submitted via Blackboard. PDF is the preferred format, but Word is acceptable.