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Wed, Jan 19 @ 9:50am - Paper Schedule Change

We've had a couple of new students join the class this week, so my latest plan for scheduling papers needs to be adjusted a bit.

We have an odd number of PhD students, so one of you can either make a 2nd presentation on your own or talk an MS student into presenting with you. The incentive for the MS student is that it gives them a 2nd presentation grade to average in.

PhD students - Let me know your 2nd presentation group or if you want to be the solo (or joint w/MS student). The solo presentation will be granted first-come, first-serve. Because of numbers, there can only be 1 solo presenter.

We will keep all 26 papers (including the 2 new ones I added yesterday).

Wed, Jan 19 @ 9:15am - No Office Hours Today

Office hours are cancelled today (and probably tomorrow) due an illness in my family. I am available via email and IM (

Mon, Jan 17 @ 7am - No Office Hours Today

Due to the MLK holiday, I will not hold office hours today.

Mon, Jan 3 @ 10:07am - Website and Email List

Please browse the class website, especially the Links page and Syllabus, before our first meeting next Tuesday. Also, please sign up for the class email list. Sign up with an email address that you check every day (Note: it does not have to be an address.)

Wed, Nov 10 @ 8:47am - What Is This Course About?

Visual Analytics is "the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces" ( In this course, we will be exploring the area of visual analytics, including information visualization and data mining. Students will be responsible for reading about 20 research papers and presenting at least 2 papers to the class. Note: This is a seminar, not a regular graduate topics course.

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