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CS796-S11: Presentations

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Typically, there will be two presentations each class meeting.

(As of Jan 10 and subject to change) We have 20 students registered (14 MS and 6 PhD). We have 24-26 papers to cover. If this enrollment holds, each student is required to present one paper. PhD students may be required to present two papers.

Soon after you select the paper you wish to present, email me a BibTeX-formatted entry, similar to those found in or
Format these neatly, don't just copy directly from citeseer, ACM DL, or IEEE Xplore. You must include


Each presentation should be 30-45 minutes long.

The first slide must contain the following information:

At the end of the presentation, provide your thoughts on the paper, including comments on how well the paper was written and good/bad qualities of the writing. Think about specific things you discover in the paper that you can use when writing your own papers.

After each presentation, the presenter will lead a class discussion on the paper. (This does not count in your 45 minute time limit.)

At least 75% of the presented material must be your own.

After your presentation, email me a copy of your slides for posting on the class website.

Peer Evaluations

Within 24 hours of the presentation, each non-presenter must email me a grade (0-25) for the presentation and subsequent discussion leadership. The grade must be justified with comments.

Important Notes

Portions of these guidelines are courtesy Dr. Michael Nelson

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