CS 800 - Research Methods
Spring 2020: Tues/Thurs, 3-4:15pm, Dragas 1102




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Course Overview

This is a required course for all new PhD students.

Catalog Description: Introduction to research methods in computer science. Topics include academic publishing, academic writing, literature reviews, responsible conduct of research, and presenting research results. Research faculty will present overviews of their research and how research is conducted in their labs.

Grading: This is a Pass/Fail course (no letter grades assigned). To pass the course, you must fully participate and complete all assignments at a satisfactory level.

Textbook: There is no required textbook, but here is an initial list of recommended books and readings:

We will be using several websites for class this semester. This site (https://www.cs.odu.edu/~mweigle/CS800-S20/) should be your first stop -- it contains links to all of the other sites that are needed.

Summary Schedule

Note: This is a tentative schedule and may be updated during the semester.

Week Date Topic Homework Assigned Homework Due
1 Jan 14 What's Grad School All About? HW0, HW1
Jan 16 blank cells mean that the topic will be continued from the previous class
2 Jan 21 Research Careers, Academic Presence HW2 HW0, HW1
Jan 23
3 Jan 28 Academic Communication - writing HW3 HW2
Jan 30 Dissertation presentation assignment
4 Feb 4 Academic Publishing, Academic Communication - presenting HW4 HW3
Feb 6
5 Feb 11 Academic Reviewing, Literature Search HW4
Feb 13 HW5
6 Feb 18 Vis Basics
Feb 20 NO CLASS - Snow
7 Feb 25 ODU Research Group 1
Dr. Jian Wu and Dr. Michael L. Nelson, WS-DL group
Feb 27 R
8 Mar 3 3:30pm (ECSB auditorium) - CS Colloquium: "Emotion Mining From Text and Actionable Pattern Discovery", Jaishree Ranganathan (UNC-Charlotte)
Mar 5 ODU Research Group 2
Dr. Andrey Chernikov
Mar 10 NO CLASS - Spring Break
Mar 12 NO CLASS - Spring Break
Mar 17 NO CLASS - Spring Break (extended due to COVID-19)
Mar 19 NO CLASS - Spring Break (extended due to COVID-19)
Online Instruction Begins
9 Mar 24 ODU Research Group 3
Dr. Shubham Jain
Mar 26 ODU Research Group 4
Dr. Stephan Olariu
10 Mar 31 No class meeting
Apr 2 No class meeting
HW8 (due at 5pm)
11 Apr 7 No class meeting
Apr 9 No class meeting
12 Apr 14 No class meeting
Student Dissertation Presentations (due at 5pm)
Apr 16 No class meeting
13 Apr 21 No class meeting
Apr 23 No class meeting
HW9 (due at 5pm)