CS 791/891 - Visualization Seminar
Fall 2015: Wednesdays, 9:30am-11:55am, E&CS 2120

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Homework 1: Getting Started

Assigned: Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015
Due: Wednesday, Sep 2, 2015


There are three separate parts to this assignment. The goals are to get a baseline for how you think about graph design and to get your environment set up to use some visualization tools.

Part 0 - Sign up for the Mailing List

Update (8/27): http://list.odu.edu/mailman/listinfo/cs891-mcw

Part 1 - Graph Design IQ

Take Perceptual Edge's Graph Design IQ test at http://www.perceptualedge.com/files/GraphDesignIQ.html, and print a screenshot of your final score.

Submission: Submit a hard-copy of your screenshot in class on the due date.

Part 2 - Install tools

Local Install

Download and install some popular tools on your own machine:

CS Unix Install

I want you to create a webpage to link to your assignments this semester. You can use whatever template you'd like, but the main page should be

If you don't already have a public_html directory in your Unix account, create one.

Create a directory (~/public_html/cs891f15/) for your class work. Make sure that both ~/public_html/ and ~/public_html/cs891f15/ are world readable and executable (chmod 755).

Once this is done, you will be able to access files in ~/public_html/cs891f15/ via a browser at http://www.cs.odu.edu/~username/cs891f15/

Submission: No submission requirements.

Part 3 - Make a Chart

Take one of the questions that you listed in In-Class Assignment 2 and create a chart using a tool of your choice.

Update (8/27): Include your answers to In-Class Assignment part 2 on your webpage. You may consult with your group members for this part.

Olympics Data (source: http://www.sports-reference.com/olympics/summer/) - xlsx, csv

Create a webpage with an image of the chart that you created (it can be a screenshot from another system) and an explanation of how you created it. Did you manipulate the data in any way?

Submission: Link the HW1 webpage from your assignments page (http://www.cs.odu.edu/~username/cs891f15/). Be prepared to talk about it in class.