CS 791/891 - Visualization Seminar
Fall 2015: Wednesdays, 9:30am-11:55am, E&CS 2120

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Paper Presentations



Homework 6: Re-Writing a Summary

Assigned: Wednesday, Nov 4, 2015
Due: Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015

Answer the following questions about the paper you presented:

  • What are the motivations for the work?
    • What problem are the authors addressing? Is the problem important?
  • What is the proposed solution?
  • What is the evaluation of the work?
  • What are the contributions?
    • What are the 3-5 main points of the paper?
  • What are the future directions for this research?

Re-write the one-page summary of the paper you presented. Use the questions that you answered above and the feedback that I provided on your first summary.

You must write the summary using LaTeX and generate a PDF.

Submission: Post the .pdf files (your answers and your summary) on your CS 791/891 webpage. Submit hard-copies of both in class.