CS 791/891 - Visualization Seminar
Fall 2015: Wednesdays, 9:30am-11:55am, E&CS 2120

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Mon, Aug 31 @ 2:22pm - Bring Pen, Paper, Laptop to Class

This week we'll be doing some writing in our in-class exercises. You'll need to refer to a paper that's available online. Either print the paper ahead of time or make sure to bring a laptop with you to class on Wednesday.

Also make sure that you have pen and paper.

When it's ready, the exercise will be posted on the class schedule page.

Fri, May 15 @ 11:54am - What is Visualization Seminar?

This is a pass/fail course (i.e., not graded) and is worth 3 credits.

The main goal of the course is to provide students with a place to improve not only their chart-making skills, but also their paper-reading, writing, and presentation skills. It's called "Visualization Seminar" because we will spend some time focusing on chart design, data analysis, and issues involved in clearly presenting data. Whatever your research domain, we can find papers related to visualizing that data or discuss visualizations presented in important papers in your field.

Students will read academic papers, write brief summaries of the papers, give presentations on the papers, critique visualizations, and produce original visualizations based on their own research interests. Since this is a P/F course, none of this will be directly graded. I will put emphasis on constructive feedback rather than a grading rubric. For instance, after a student gives a presentation, the class will offer positives and negatives so that we all can learn from the experience.

Previous knowledge of information visualization is not required -- we'll do a quick introduction. Previous knowledge of D3 is not required -- whatever you typically use to create charts (R, Matlab, Excel, Tableau, D3) is fine. We'll work on basic principles that you can apply using any of these tools.

Registration to the course requires instructor permission, so just send me an email and I'll provide an override.