CS 791/891 - Visualization Seminar
Fall 2015: Wednesdays, 9:30am-11:55am, E&CS 2120

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Paper Presentations



In-Class Assignment - Week 3

Divide into groups of 2-3 to work on these exercises. I suggest that each of you attempt these individually and then compare your results with your group members before we discuss with the entire class. (Edited 9/9/2015)

From Zobel, Writing for Computer Science, exercises

1) The following bibliography has several faults and inconsistencies. Identify them.

T. Cornish and J. Warren, "Networks without wires", 16(3):11-17, 2001.
Frank Dean, "Wireless transaction resolution with do-nothing devices", International Journal of Portable Computing, 2(1):75-81, 2003.
L. T. Lee, B. Clarke, and C. C. Cheng, "Systems analysis and systems design in Mobile Databases", Jour. Portable Computing, vol. 2, pp. 72-74, May 2003.
Macic, V. et al., "Connectedness in low-bandwidth local area networks", Proc. International Mobile and Wireless Computing Conference, Toby Thomas (ed.), ICM, Jun 2002, pp. 166-176.

2) The following fragments are flawed. They are ambiguous, or inelegant, or do not parse, or do not make sense. For each fragment, identify the problems -- many of them have multiple shortcomings -- and suggest revisions. If you need to make assumptions, state them clearly. (Most of these examples are from papers.)

  1. Information retrieval systems appear in the Web with the purpose of managing, retrieving, and filtering the information available there.
  2. The first approach is not practical. Thus the changes to the architecture of the system, including threads for the dictionary and client response components.
  3. One of these tools is one which automatically creates a short version which contains as much of the content as possible as the original.