CS 791/891 - Visualization Seminar
Fall 2015: Wednesdays, 9:30am-11:55am, E&CS 2120

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Paper Presentations




Students not presenting, see the Summary Guidelines for what to prepare and bring on your non-presentation day.

Students who have links on their names have submitted what I consider to be good example summaries. I encourage others to read these as examples.

Oct 7

Oct 14

Oct 21

Oct 28

November Talks (10 min)

Your 10-minute talk should be an overview of the paper for a general CS audience. Even though we've already heard your 20 min talk, pretend that we haven't. You will have to identify the most important parts of the paper to present and give enough background that we're able to understand the problem, why it's important, and the authors' approach to solving the problem.

Before you give your presentation, I'd like to hear a little about the changes you made to your talk based on feedback from your 20 min presentation. This doesn't need to be in slides, and it doesn't count as part of your 10 minutes.