From CS 791/891 Fall 2015

CS891-F15: Summary Guidelines

These are guidelines for non-presenters during our first round of presentations (Oct 7-28).


You will be preparing two documents:

  1. a critique of the presentation of the paper
  2. a 1-page summary of the paper

Presentation Critique

Start with Keshav's first pass (see Read the title, abstract, introduction, section headings, conclusions, references

Your critique should address the following elements:

We will discuss these in class after each presentation.


Write a one-page summary of the paper using the following guidelines. This summary must be in your own words -- absolutely no copying from the paper.

Your summary should at least answer the following questions:

At the end of the summary, include at least 3 questions or comments that the paper raised. These should be related to the content of the paper. Comments on presentation should be made in the presentation critique document.

You must write the summary using LaTeX and generate a PDF.

Before each presentation, we will exchange summaries so that every student has a summary for each paper. There will a couple of minutes before each presentation for students to read over the summary for that paper.


Post the PDFs of both your presentation critique and summary on your class webpage.

Bring 2 copies of your critique -- one for you during class and one to turn in.

Oct 7, 21, 28 - 3 students will be presenting, so there will be 8 students writing summaries on the 3 papers.

Each non-presenting student must bring 6 copies of their summary:

Oct 14 - 2 students will be presenting, so there will be 9 students writing summaries on the 2 papers.

Each non-presenting student must bring 4 copies of their summary:

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