Screencast of Our 2013 Prototype (4 mins)

Flash version - recommended YouTube version - without table of contents

Links and Images from Environmental Scan (2013 NEH proposal)

Information Visualization

ResultMaps Temporal TreeMaps
ResultMaps: Visualization for Search Interfaces (pdf) Treemaps for Exploring Spatial and Temporal Variation in House Prices
ImagePlot Word Storms
ImagePlot visualization software: explore patterns in large image collections Word Storms: Multiples of Word Clouds for Visual Comparison of Documents

Visualizing Document Collections

New York Times Document Cards
Interactive visualization of President Bush's State of the Union Address in 2007 Document Cards: A Top Trumps Visualization for Documents (demo video)
ThemeRiver PaperLens
ThemeRiver: Visualizing Thematic Changes in Large Document Collections (demo video) Understanding Research Trends in Conferences using PaperLens
NetLens Treemaps for Large Document Collections
NetLens: Iterative Exploration of Content-Actor Network Data Analysis of Large Digital Collections with Interactive Visualization
Tiled Displays Collection Understanding
A Thousand Words: Advanced Visualization for the Humanities (demo video) Collection Understanding Through Streaming Collage (pdf)

Visualizing Collections of Web Archives

Archive-It Wayback Machine
Columbia University Human Rights collection at Archive-It Mementos of in 2011
Library of Congress Web Archive California Digital Library Web Archiving
Obama for Illinois 2004 archive at the LC 2007 Southern California Wildfires Web Archive at the CDL
UK Web Archive Mementos View UK Web Archive Visualizations
Mementos View for at UK Web Archive 3D Wall for Blogs Special Collection at UK Web Archive
ViewShare Columbia University Human Rights Web Archive
Samuel H. Kress Collection at Viewshare