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Research: ODU Infographics Competition 2012

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Congratulations to our winners!

"Engineering, Computer Science Students Conduct Research on Quantum Sensors for Competition", Inside ODU, Feb 4, 2013.

Contest Description

Objective: Develop innovative data visualization(s) (static infographic or interactive visualization) to communicate to any interested party the history and trajectory of Quantum Sensing technology.

Important Dates



Overall Prize: $1500

Two $500 Prizes

Any one team can win multiple prizes.


Dataset of quantum sensing publications (in BibTeX format)

Suggested Sources

Technology Trajectories



Visualization Sources and Samples

Other Resources

Registered Teams

  1. Vis Tech (Semiotics) - Lulwah Alkwai, Mostafa Uddin
  2. Visualization Learners - Rahul Shambuni, William Nguedjo
  3. Dynamic Duo - Matthew Haase, Terra Elzie
  4. Envisage - Yishu Zheng, Sharmin Sultatan, Umama Ahmed
  5. Mat Kelly - Mat Kelly
  6. Abohms - John Shull, Faisal Mahmud, Mohammad Obeid
  7. Team Rocket - Gary Lawson, Rifat Aras
  8. Wayne's World - Wayne Stilwell


Sponsor: WorldTech International, LLC

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