Computer Science 455/555
Intro to Networks and Communications
Dr. Michele Weigle     Fall 2006     TA: Rabia Haq
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Mon, Dec 11 @ 8:54 am - Grades
I have posted your final paper/project grade and your average going into the final exam on Blackboard. Remember that the final exam is worth 25% of your grade, so your current average counts 75% of your final grade.

Mon, Nov 27 @ 1:17 pm - Course Evaluations
Please go ahead an submit your evaluation of the course. These are anonymous and I do not see any feedback until after grades have been submitted. The link is at

Mon, Nov 27 @ 1:09 pm - Final Exam Study Guide
The final exam study guide has been posted on the schedule (Dec 8). Refer to both it and the midterm study guide.

Mon, Nov 27 @ 11:57 am - Paper/Project Due Time
You have until 11:59pm on Fri, Dec 8 to submit your final paper/project. You may submit this either through Blackboard or by sending it to me in email.

Mon, Nov 27 @ 10:34 am - Out-of-Town Reminder
I will be out-of-town to present papers at conferences from right after class Wed, Nov 29 through Wed, Dec 6. I will be back in the office on Thurs, Dec 7. I will have only limited email access, but Rabia will be available, so see her first if you have questions.

Mon, Nov 13 @ 1:32 pm - Remote X and PATH Updates
I've added instructions on setting up SSH Secure Shell for X11 forwarding and instructions on setting your PATH environment variable in order to run xgraph and nam.

Mon, Nov 13 @ 1:31 pm - Homework 4
Homework 4 has been assigned (due Mon, Nov 20) and is available through the course schedule.

Thu, Nov 09 @ 10:27 am - Running Validation Scripts
I've put up more instructions on setting up to be able to run the validation scripts. These instructions are posted on the CS 555 Projects Page.

Wed, Nov 08 @ 10:06 am - Running nam and xgraph
Make sure that you put /home/mweigle/src/ns-allinone-2.30/bin/ in your PATH environment variable. The commands to do this depend on the Unix shell (bash, tcsh) that you're running.

Wed, Nov 08 @ 10:00 am - Opening X Windows Remotely
I've put up some hints on opening X windows remotely (say, from home). This will also be posted under Useful Links.

Mon, Oct 30 @ 9:58 am - CS 555 Project
Note that for new FullTCP validation tests, all I'm looking for is a FullTCP version of an existing one-way TCP validation. The code changes should be minimal, but you should verify that the behavior of FullTCP and one-way TCP are similar.

Fri, Oct 27 @ 10:07 am - CS 555 Final Project
I've setup a page for choosing validation scripts for the final project. This is also linked from the schedule under today's date.

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  • CS 455/555 Blackboard Site
      Instructions for Submitting Assignments via Blackboard
  • Sockets in C Tutorial
  • Textbook (Computer Networks) website
  • Sockets in Java Tutorial
  • ODU Fall 2006 Calendar
  • ODU Fall 2006 Exam Schedule
  • DNS stuff
    web-based networking utility
  • Lecture Note Printing Tips
  • Unix/C/HTML Useful Links
    Thanks to Dr. Roy Pargas, Clemson Univ.
  • C Functions
        C Strings (use with string.h)
        More C Strings (use with string.h)
  • Emacs Tutorial
  • C++ Strings
  • You Don't Know Jack About Network Performance
    by Kevin Fall and Steve McCanne
  • TCP Intro - from my dissertation
  • Simulation-based Comparisions of Tahoe, Reno, and SACK TCP
  • Opening X Windows Remotely

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