Introduction to ns-2 for CS 555

Michele Weigle
Department of Computer Science

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Setup at ODU

I have installed the latest release of ns-2 (2.30) in my home directory in the CS dept Unix space:

If you cannot run this executable, please let me know.

Creating Simulation Scripts

Scripts to drive your simulations are written in OTcl.

Building Blocks

Simulation Script Outline


References and Tutorials

Helpful Unix Tools

(use man for more information on these tools)


Source Code Basics

In order to be effective at writing good simulation experiments with ns-2, you need to be familar with how ns-2 is written. The source code is a mix of C++ and OTcl (Object-oriented TCL - "oh tickle").

At the beginning, you may not need to modify any source code, but feel free to download the ns-2 source yourself to take a look at it. Note that ns-2 comes with lots of other packages in the form of ns-allinone. You can download the ns-2.30 source itself from the ns-2.30 source itself from the ns-2 project at Sourceforge.

Important TCP Source Files and Directories

Validation Scripts

Validation scripts are located in
tcl/test/. There are a couple types of filenames in this directory:

tcl/test/FullTCP.notes - notes about the current state of the Full-TCP tests

I've put a couple of helpful shell scripts in /home/mweigle/555/ns/ for looking at what tests are needed. (Both of these are modifications of tools written by Sally Floyd.)

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