Opening X Windows Remotely

With SSH Secure Shell

  • Choose Settings from the Edit menu.

  • Select Tunneling under Host Settings.

  • Check the Tunnel X11 connections box.
  • With Putty

  • Download putty (a free ssh tool).

  • For putty settings, in the left pane choose X11 under Connection and SSH. Choose Enable X11 forwarding. Save this as a default setting.
  • Then, when you ssh into something like, X should be forwarded automatically, and you'll be able to open xterm windows (and emacs and xgraph and nam, etc).

    I didn't have to change any firewall settings on my WinXP machine for this to work.

    If these steps fail, you can typically set the display manually. Find the IP address of the Windows computer you're using, and at the Unix prompt type:
    setenv DISPLAY ip-address:0